Technical writing

Entecst specializes in technical writing. We mostly write about subjects related to engineering, machinery, industrial production and automotive, and we make complete publications including images and printing as well. Our technical writing may be meant for many different purposes, varying from manual to website, from article to press release or from course book to knowledge system. We also supply the complete editorial content of industrial magazines.

Writing technical articles

Entecst uses different methods for writing technical articles: interviews in person or by telephone, own research, file study or a combination of those. Most of our article writing is for industrial magazines. Additionally, more and more industrial companies ask us to describe and explain their specialism in a technical article or white paper, which they publish on their own website or in another way afterwards.

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Other technical texts

The purpose of a technical text or publication may also be to secure the knowledge which is often spread across a company in many different forms. Entecst gathers this knowledge and compiles it into a well-structured knowledge system. Besides technical texts, these systems also consist of clarifying images and summarizing schedules. They are used digitally as well as in printed versions, among others to train and instruct new employees in a fast manner. For technical training purposes, we compose course books offering theory and practical exercises.

More technical writing:

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