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Big Bang

Many reputed scientists are convinced that our universe originates from a ‘Big Bang’. That must have been a kind of enormous explosion, almost 14 billion years ago, which made a lot of matter travel through space until this very day.

According to sources that summarize it simply: In a split second, the universe changed from a spherical ‘singularity’ the size of a marble into something bigger than we can perceive today. This ‘inflation’ is still going on, as the universe seems to be growing bigger and bigger. The Big Bang would have been the start of time and space as well. To the question why the Big Bang took place, an answer has not yet been found.

Refining the theory

Yes, the infinity of time and space never fails to fascinate. We all want to know and understand what goes on, and as with all natural phenomena this means that you first need a theory. Then you test your theory to find out if it explains everything properly. In this way, you are able to refine the theory further, until it gives a reliable description of reality. As a non-astronomer but interested outsider, I could certainly think of several test cases to further elaborate the theory.

The marble was there already…

For example, how do we know so accurately that the universe was the size of a marble about 14 billion years ago, and not the size of, say, a tennis ball or a melon? And the marble already existed when the Big Bang took place, otherwise it couldn’t have exploded. So how old was it and where had it come from? Consequently, the Big Bang wasn’t the start of time. And not the start of space either, as the marble was already occupying a certain space. What would have been around that universal marble before the Big Bang took place? And what kind of space lies beyond the front line of the ongoing inflation?

1 Billion years to go

I reckon the Big Bang theory certainly answers a number of questions, but it seems to need some additional work to make it really complete. Possibly we might need to face that the start of time and the beginning and end of space simply cannot be explained from today’s dimensional concepts. Well, we still have about 1 billion years left to figure that out. Later, living on Earth won’t be possible any more, so it seems. But who knows if we’ll all be living on Mars by then…