Technical manuals

Sometimes, writing manuals implies reworking and adapting an existing document to match a new product, but often it means that we start manual writing from scratch. We gather all required information, among others through on-site investigation and by interviewing experts. If desired, we also take care of images and drawings and compose a complete final product, ready for print or on-line publication.

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Technical writing

Entecst specializes in technical writing. We mostly write about subjects related to engineering, machinery, industrial production and automotive, and we make complete publications including images and printing as well. Our technical writing may be meant for many different purposes, varying from manual to website, from article to press release or from course book to knowledge system. We also supply the complete editorial content of industrial magazines.

Writing technical articles

Entecst uses different methods for writing technical articles: interviews in person or by telephone, own research, file study or a combination of those. Most of our article writing is for industrial magazines. Additionally, more and more industrial companies ask us to describe and explain their specialism in a technical article or white paper, which they publish on their own website or in another way afterwards.

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Other technical texts

The purpose of a technical text or publication may also be to secure the knowledge which is often spread across a company in many different forms. Entecst gathers this knowledge and compiles it into a well-structured knowledge system. Besides technical texts, these systems also consist of clarifying images and summarizing schedules. They are used digitally as well as in printed versions, among others to train and instruct new employees in a fast manner. For technical training purposes, we compose course books offering theory and practical exercises.

More technical writing:

>>>Technical manuals

>>>Technical translations


Technical publications realised


Technical articles for industrial magazines and companies about:

  • Machinery design and engineering
  • Industrial control, automation and process optimization
  • Mechatronics, precision engineering and microsystems
  • Production methods, such as metal working and additive manufacturing
  • Asset management and industrial maintenance


Technical manuals, user guides, operator instructions and handbooks for:

  • Factories and production units
  • Working safely on petrochemical sites
  • Fixing facade cladding
  • Marine signalling and searchlight installation

Knowledge systems

Technical knowledge systems, training materials and course books about:

  • Construction and functioning of plants in process industry and power supply
  • Characteristics and application of construction materials
  • Replacing machine parts
  • Measurement and control
  • Constructions using panel materials

Other technical productions

  • Complete content of industrial magazines
  • Advisory reports and company brochures
  • Content for company magazine
  • Yearbook for company jubilee


Technical translations from English and German into Dutch of manuals, brochures and other texts about:

  • Measuring instruments and positioning equipment
  • Workshop machinery and tools
  • Motorcycles, cars and automotive equipment



We would like to briefly introduce to you Hans Harlé, the driving force behind Entecst Technical Communication.
A short profile:

Background in technology and writing

Education: equivalent of 7 A-levels at secondary school, BSc in mechanical engineering. Next, a range of additional education and courses at reputable institutes, concerning among others communication, commerce, marketing, languages, writing and knowledge transfer.  

The road to technical communication

A technical-commercial start as a project engineer was followed later by a gradual shift into marketing and communication. Employers were consultancy companies as well as industrial manufacturers, in both metal and building. Positions such as proposal engineer, project manager and product trainer brought a lot of experience in investigating and describing technical subjects. This resulted in an all-round technical communication specialism, which has been the perfect starting point for setting up independent company Entecst in 2004. 


The information on this website has been composed with utmost care, but does not entitle users to any rights. Entecst declines all liability for possible incompleteness or incorrectness and results thereof, and does not accept any liability for the consequences of using this information.

This website contains links to websites or information sources of other organisations or institutions. Entecst is not responsible for the information offered by these other websites and cannot be held liable for the consequences of using these other websites or information sources.

The information on this website is meant for general use and may be subject to changes or corrections. Multiplication, forwarding, distribution, exploitation or commercial use of (parts of) this website is forbidden, unless preceded by explicit written permission from Entecst.

General Terms and Conditions

Entecst Technical Communication (Chamber of Commerce trade register no. 17 158 428) 

Entecst BV (Chamber of Commerce trade register no. 53 911 954) 

1. General 

1.1 These general terms and conditions are applicable to all offers, agreements and other legal relationships between Entecst Technical Communication or Entecst BV (both hereinafter called Entecst) on the one hand and clients on the other. 
1.2 Any client’s general terms and conditions and exceptions to the Entecst general terms and conditions only apply if these were agreed in writing with Entecst beforehand. 


2.1 Every quote is free of obligation and is valid for one month. Costs may be involved in an extensive quote or a preliminary discussion, for which Entecst will charge the client. If this should be the case, Entecst will inform the client of this before the costs arise. 
2.2 To the best of his knowledge, the client will provide Entecst with all the information that Entecst needs for a correct picture of the work for which a quote is being made. If changes or additions to this information occur after the quote, Entecst may revoke the quote. 

3. Performance of orders 

3.1 An order may be given, amongst other things, verbally, by telephone or in writing. Entecst may request written confirmation of orders that were not given in writing. 
3.2 Entecst undertakes to supply good work to the best of its knowledge and ability. This obligation has the nature of an ‘obligation to perform to the best of its ability’. 
3.3 Entecst may involve third parties in the performance of an order. 
3.4 The client will supply all materials, data and information that Entecst needs for the order or considers desirable. Client’s staff involved will be available in time and to a sufficient extent. 
3.5 Dutch texts supplied will be written by Entecst in proper Dutch and in standard spelling. A one-off review of the text after consultation with the client is included in the quoted price. Extensive review, several reviews or order amendment are not included and will be invoiced additionally to the client. 
3.6 Products or services supplied that are subject to approval or review, are considered to be accepted if Entecst has not received notification of the contrary within 14 days. 
3.7 Entecst undertakes to keep secret any information received from the client of which Entecst knows or may assume that it is confidential. 

4. Delivery times 

4.1 Any delivery times agreed are target dates, which Entecst will aim for to the best of its ability. 
4.2 The delivery of a product is considered to have taken place at the moment of offer to post, courier or carrier, or of despatch by telefax or e-mail. 
4.3 If a delivery time transgression attributable to Entecst is not acceptable for the client, he can terminate this agreement unilaterally. In that case, Entecst is not obliged to pay any damages. In such a case, the client undertakes to pay Entecst for any work already performed. 

5. Interim alteration and termination of orders 

5.1 If the client should make changes to the order after having placed it, Entecst is entitled to adjust delivery time, price or other conditions. Entecst will confirm these changes in a supplementary order confirmation, and will make a prior separate supplementary quote upon request. 
5.2 If the client fails imputably, for example due to the inadmissible full or partial termination, withdrawal or postponement of the order, he owes Entecst a refund for the work already performed and compensation for the part of the order not carried out, without prejudice to any other rights belonging to Entecst resulting from law. 
5.3 If circumstances occur due to which Entecst cannot reasonably be expected to continue the fulfilment of an order, Entecst is entitled to terminate the order unilaterally without any obligation to pay damages. Such circumstances are in any case, but not limited to, bankruptcy, application of the Debt Repayment Natural Persons Act (Dutch WSNP), riots, fire, accident and illness on the part of Entecst. The client will then be obliged to pay Entecst for the work already done. 
5.4 If Entecst does not agree with the radical change of a product produced or a service provided by Entecst, this will be designated as an imputable failing of the client. 

6. Payment 

6.1 Unless stated otherwise, amounts in orders and order confirmations are in euros and excluding VAT (Dutch BTW). The payment term for all invoices is thirty (30) days after invoice date. For as long as Entecst has not received all payments for an order, it will retain all the rights to the products and services resulting from the order. 
6.2 Prior to performing an order, Entecst may demand payment in several instalments distributed over the period in which the assignment is being carried out, or demand full or partial advance payment. In case of advance payment, the delivery period will start as soon as Entecst has received this advance payment. 
6.3 If the client does not meet a payment obligation, Entecst may suspend and/or terminate the agreement. In that case, the client is obliged to pay Entecst for the work already performed. 
6.4 After expiry of a payment term, the client is to pay statutory interest on the amount not yet paid. In addition, Entecst may entrust a third party with collection measures without further notice of default. All (judicial and extrajudicial) collection costs on account of overdue payments are to be paid by the client. 

7. Copyright and intellectual property 

7.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Entecst will retain the copyright and other intellectual property rights to the products produced and the services provided by Entecst, including the quotes stated under article 2. 
7.2 Entecst’s tools and methods used for the order or stated in a report will remain property of Entecst. Disclosure is only permitted after prior written permission from Entecst. 
7.3 The client indemnifies Entecst against claims from third parties due to alleged infringement of property right, patent right, copyright or other intellectual property rights in connection with all that the client contributes to the order performance. 

8. Liability and indemnification 

8.1 The client is obliged to check the products and services supplied for faults and inaccuracies, and indemnifies Entecst against liability for this. 
8.2 The client indemnifies Entecst against any liability for damage, including personal injury and consequential loss, which results directly or indirectly from the products and services supplied. 
8.3 Entecst is only liable for damage that is the direct and demonstrable result of gross negligence or serious default attributable to Entecst. In other cases, Entecst is never liable for whichever direct or indirect damage. Entecst’s liability is in all cases limited to the invoice amount excluding VAT of the particular order, never amounts to more than the amount that Entecst’s insurer will pay in the specific claim, and is in any case limited to a maximum of € 5,000. 
8.4 Ambiguity or contradiction in the materials or information supplied by the client will dismiss Entecst from any liability. Entecst is not liable for damage to or loss of these materials or this information. 

9. Complaints and disputes 

9.1 The client must report any complaints about the item supplied in writing to Entecst within 14 days from delivery. The complaint does not dismiss the client from his payment obligations. Entecst will attempt to solve any well-founded complaints in consultation with the client in reasonableness, on the condition that he has not processed the supplied item or has had it processed. 
9.2 All agreements between Entecst and the client are exclusively governed by Dutch law. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent court in the district of Entecst’s place of business, unless imperatively prescribed by law otherwise. 

2 April 2012 

These general terms and conditions are filed at the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven under number 17158428. 


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